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Endava showcases its positive impact on its people and customers, as well as its contributions to the communities where it operates.

The report outlines Endava’s five areas of focus that bring its sustainability mission to life.

London, UK (September, 2021) – Today Endava plc (NYSE: DAVA), a leading next-generation technology service provider, marks a milestone by releasing its We Care sustainability report, which highlights the positive impact the company is making on its people, customers and the communities where it operates. This report helps Endava’s stakeholders have a comprehensive view of its achievements and priorities in relation to Environmental, Social, and Governance matters, highlighting both Endava’s new, award winning initiatives and established programmes. Endava’s We Care approach is aligned with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


“We have been making a positive impact across our business, communities and beyond for more than two decades. Now, we bring it all together to tell our story through We Care which captures our DNA. As Endava has grown over the years, we have remained true to our core purpose and values. They are what make us distinctive from other companies and they show that we care deeply about the people we work with, the customers we interact with, and the communities we are part of, everywhere we operate. We believe this focus will enable us to remain a resilient and sustainable business in the future, while continuing to be an employer of choice in a number of our locations,” said John Cotterell, Endava’s CEO.


We Care articulates Endava’s key priorities through its pillars of Operating Responsibly, Innovation and Data Integrity, its focus on People, Social Impact, and Environmental Impact, which are all underpinned by Endava’s values and purpose.


Endava’s Sustainability Report 2021 is available at: endava.com/2021sustainabilityreport


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