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Howell sisters offer unique hospitality

by wrich
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Gabriella and Isabella Howell are two entrepreneurial sisters who embrace the brave new working  world. The Howell sisters own and run a unique, boutique hotel situated in a private paradise. The  ladies come from a heritage of innovative business development with their parents’ firm, BCB  International, designing and manufacturing life saving equipment and PPE. BCB International  recently had a visit from HRH Prince Charles to thank the firm for their efforts during the heights of  the pandemic.

Isabella and Gabriella have followed their passions to set-up The Great House Antigua, a historic  boutique hotel based on the Caribbean island of Antigua. Gabriella, 26, and Isabella, 23, did not have  a background in hospitality, but using their strengths and passions they have created a unique hotel  for those travelling to the Caribbean.

Gabriella and Isabella are a prime example of new emerging talent in the business world. Two  sisters, both under thirty years of age and polar opposites in terms of personalities and strengths,  provides a potent combination to drive creativity and innovation.

The Howell sisters come from a high-quality traditional business heritage, where decisions are made  around the dining room table and yet bring a fresh way of seeing and doing things. They both  understand that old ways do not open new doors, yet they value the quality and systems that they  have been brought up with.

Gabriella studied a masters in War Studies at King’s College, London, and embodies Sun Tzu’s ideas  into six strategic principles for the business executive about gaining market share without inciting  competitive retaliation and values both efficiency, urgent speed and preparation, not in that order.

Isabella is strategic and driven as a creative, fearless in fast movement with design, production and  new technology and platforms are never far from her fingertips. She prides herself on honesty and  doing each task to the best of her ability.

In an age of uncertainty, one thing is certain, and that is that the Howell sisters are paving new  paths. Visionary leadership is not a title but a choice in the way that you respond and don’t react to  every interaction you have in business. Gabriella and Isabella Howell are keen to unite and amplify  the voices of young women in business, striding out and trying new things.

Both ladies enjoy precision and honesty, never afraid to be wrong or look silly, and are both  confidently driven to succeed and remove any blocks to progress.

Conscious travel, environmentally friendly and sustainable hospitality is at the heart of their plans.  The sisters have visited over forty countries before they both hit 25 years old. They recognise this  luxury and privilege and this is why they work 24/7 to build a better business offering that is  accessible and safe, allowing everyone to experience the wonders of paradise and luxury at The  Great House Antigua.

The uniqueness of the hospitality offered by the two sisters stems from the hotel’s history, the last  stone estate house which is accessible to guests. The sisters focus is not only on the hospitality  business but also in research, restoration and education, producing an opportunity for tourists and  locals alike to see this 350 year old living history and the research that has gone into it.


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