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Small Business Management Tips From Celebrities

by gbaf mag
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There are many small business management books on the market. And just as many Small Business Management textbooks. But what about the best small business management book? Which book will best benefit your business? Here is what they had to say:

“For most small businesses, the key to long-term success is having an ownership stake. But for many small business owners, ownership means just getting started. No one wants to invest thousands in a business just to have to figure out how to manage it later. The creators of The Employee’s Ultimate Guide to Small Business Management are passionate about helping entrepreneurs understand their employees and their own relationships with them. This book not only provides the latest information on working with employees, but it also addresses issues surrounding sexual harassment and discrimination.”

– Skip Wells ” Skip Wells’ Small Business Management Solutions System is much more than a typical text on management. It teaches you how to manage yourself through the conflict between your desire to succeed and your employees’ needs to be understood. Skip Wells knows the conflict is inevitable between employee desires and employer needs. He takes you through the basics of conflict resolution, from identifying threats to creating a work environment that everyone can love, to resolving conflicts quickly and effectively.”

– Skip Wells “If you are a small business owner who needs help managing yourself and your employees, you should consider purchasing this classic text. Skip Wells has spent decades perfecting a system of conflict resolution that provides positive reinforcement and high morale for both the employees and the owners. This system is simple, yet powerful. If you want the best advice for managing your own organization, skip the old textbook and buy this classic.” -Christian Rudwick, author of Great Business Ideas.

– Donald Trump “The Trump Network: How Every Small Business Owner Can Start Something They Love is a great little book on small business management. The author, Donald Trump, shares his experiences as a co-founder of Trump Network and how he was able to turn that experience into something very successful. This is a very practical read that provides many business tips that are relevant to owners. Donald Trump’s candid descriptions of his feelings about some of the challenges he faced as a co-owner of Trump Network make this an interesting read for any small business owner.”

– Rachel Armstrong ” Rachel Armstrong’s excellent book titled Getting Started in Business gives great insight into the minds of entrepreneurs. Her simple yet effective advice helps entrepreneurs gain clarity on how they should think about their business. In her book she shares her personal experiences as an entrepreneur and the mistakes she made. This is a great little book that is sure to help even new or aspiring entrepreneurs get a feel for what it takes to succeed in business. It can also serve as a guidebook for those who have been turned down for funding from venture capitalists and is well worth the few pages it takes to read.

– Charles Schwab “A book that changed my life is Charles Schwab’s ‘The Six Sigma Strategy.’ This book is chock full of management advice and techniques for small business owners. Some of Schwab’s chapters include: ‘What Management is All About,’ ‘The Business Side of Management,’ and ‘Six Sigma.’ Charles Schwab’s basic premise behind Six Sigma is that by identifying and correcting the Six Sigma defects your company may be able to realize its profit potential. This may be the best small business management tip you will ever receive.”

– Oprah Winfrey “If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or already run a small business, I know that you’ve heard the one famous line attributed to many successful people, ‘Do what you love,’ but what if you didn’t enjoy doing it? What if you realized that there were other things in life you could do instead? If you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, just flip through a magazine or visit a website devoted to the careers of the rich and famous and you will see all kinds of opportunities. You may find yourself interviewing for a job you hate, or trying to figure out what you want to do with your life when the time comes. If you’re already working in a job you don’t like, or don’t think you’ll enjoy in the future, take action now and start researching opportunities related to what you really love. I think you’ll find that the best small business management tips come to those who least expect them.”


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