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It’s Internet Safety Month and Aloha Is Reminding You to Own Your Privacy Rights 

London 10th June 2022 – Aloha Browser are taking over London with a series of Owned Privacy stickers. Designed to open vital discussions on online data sharing. Aloha is here to remind people that they should be in charge of what they want to share whilst online. Aloha believes that privacy is a basic human right that everyone should be able to access, for free.  

The “PRIVATE” stickers will appear across the city, with the intention to make the public stop and think about what is private and what private information they are unwittingly sharing every time they use the internet.  

Aloha is a private, secure, easy to use and superfast browser that offers an unlimited free VPN, ad blockers, secure file downloads, file manager, media player and a private browsing mode with no logs and no tracking from web pages. The service is free, with more advanced paid options. 

Aloha Browser is committed to making private and secure browsing available for all. The Aloha team are industry leaders in the research and development of online privacy and security solutions. Aloha holds an effective balance between online security and online privacy, making their internet experience safer and more secure and simple to use. 

The “PRIVATE” stickers will appear in restaurants, public toilets, fitting rooms, telephone boxes, public transport and other public spaces. Not only does the privacy browser want the public to stop and think and take matters into their own hands, but they are also gifting those that take part in their privacy campaign. Aloha is asking the public to scan the QR stickers, snap a photo of the Owned Privacy sticker, tag and hashtag @alohabrowser, to be in the running to win some top of the range technology. 

Aloha is available for all desktop web users, and iOS and Android users can download the 

Aloha app on their phones. 

Download Aloha Browser here. https://alohabrowser.com 



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